We handcraft a variety of all natural vegetable based soaps that are great for everyday use. Made with olive oil , shea butter, and essential oils, they keep the skin soft, smooth, and healthy, by not stripping it of its own natural oil. These unique blends of oils, butters, botanicals, and essential oils make our soaps pure, gentle and moisturizing. Made in the Pacific Northwest.

By using only natural ingredients in our soaps, we're able to produce a truly pure product. We will never use synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives. Our essential oil blends and soap formulations are created specifically for every new type of soap we make. We have many different scents and blends that have fresh and clean scents. Our natural soaps help to restore, balance and rejuvenate the skin, keeping it looking soft and healthy.

Check out our ingredients page for a complete list of ingredients     



Mt. Baker Sunrise - $6.00

Cedar Wood - $6.00

Summers Night - $6.00

Lime Bay - $6.00

Twilight - $6.00

San Juan Breeze - $6.00

Rosemary Mint - $6.00

Lavender Skies - $6.00

Basic Oats - $6.00

Citrus Sage - $6.00

Oatmeal Lavender - $6.00

Pink Grapefruit - $6.00

Cocoa Mint - $6.00

Mt. Erie Mist - $6.00

Evergreen Haze - $6.00