ABOUT US


When I was first out shopping for natural body care products, I found that most products were not even close to what I would consider "natural". I was looking for no synthetic fragrances or colors and no chemical perservatives. Being plant based was also a necessity. After trying out a few locally made soaps and salves, and not loving any of them, I decided to do some research on ingredients, supplies, and formulations. I started buying every body care, herbal, and aromatherapy book that I found. I realized that with a few natural ingredients that I could make all my own skin care.  Soon I had numerous of my own recipes ready to be blended up to become part of my natural skin and body care line. I kept my blends simple, using minimal ingredients to make my creations. This way I knew that I was getting the most nutrients from each critical ingredient that I used.


In 2004, I started vending at the Anacortes Farmers Market. I had been handcrafting my soaps, skin care, and cleaning products for almost 10 years. Friends and family received them as gifts, and then wanted to buy more. I had not planned on starting a business, I just really liked making my own soap and skin care. After the first year of selling, with positive results, I started doing more farmers markets and holiday gift shows. A few natural food co-ops and some other small stores started selling my line. I started with 8 types of soap and only a few different skin care products, salves, lip balms, and sugar scrubs.



We are still doing what we love, which is making wonderful natural skin and body care products. We have a complete skin care line and more than 20 types of soap. All our products are still made with the highest quality care that you have come to enjoy. Anacortes Farmer Market and Everett Farmers Market are our main outlet for selling our products. We have been doing these markets for years and you can find us there every weekend of the summer. We get busier and busier every year with more products and new accounts.